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FREE Mold Inspections in Colorado Springs

For all of our neighbors in Colorado (CO), our Mold Inspection is always the first step, no matter what the issue is. Oh, and did we mention that it’s FREE? Give us a call to get started! 1-719-388-8509

This is no ordinary inspection…it’s the ridiculously thorough free Mold Inspection! Mold is really sneaky, but we’re great at finding every place it can hide. If you own a home or business in or around Colorado Springs, Monument, Pueblo, Woodland Park or Castle Rock, give us a call — our free Mold Inspection is a great way for any home owner or business owner to get started.

inspecting for moldThe Mold Proof Inspection usually lasts between 30 minutes and one hour. We look for mold and mold-friendly conditions, so even if mold isn’t growing in your home or business, we will find all areas within your property that could have the right conditions for future Mold growth. Once complete, we’ll give you a clear, in-depth report of everything we find, complete with a diagram of your home or business and any mold-friendly conditions we find and suggested courses of action. Oh, and it’s FREE!

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