Does Your Home or Business Have Visible Mold Growth or Do You Suspect Hidden Mold that You Want Eliminated Quickly, Completely and Professionally.

We Eliminate Mold in a Safe “Green” Manner Using Our Unique Deep Penetrating Chlorine Dioxide Gas Treatment That’s Guaranteed to Prevent the MOLD From Ever Returning?

Mold Removal Colorado Springs

We Eliminate All Abnormal Mold Growth

Completed Within 24-48 Hours

For ½ The Price of Other Techniques

100% Guaranteed All Elevated Molds Gone™

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Mold Mitigation Done Quicker & For Less Money

All Clients Receive Free Mold Elimination Bids by employing a selective demolition strategy in conjunction with pre-cleaning and Chlorine Dioxide Gas Treatment, man-hours are significantly reduced, time to completion is dramatically cut and project costs are minimized. In other words, the CLIENT saves money while having the most thorough mold mitigation performed within their home or business.

Check out the EPA guidelines to MOLD Mitigation below: